A Coffee A Day

Sitting here drinking my morning brew. It’s a bit of a habit for most of us, and has created an abundance of clichés all having to do with the perception of ourselves as incapable of doing much of anything until we’ve had that first cup of coffee. The one thing we don’t do over a cup of coffee is think about it as a health providing beverage – a superfood of sorts.

The knowledge that coffee contains an assortment of polyphenols and other antioxidant compounds isn’t the newest of news. The good news about coffee has been stimulated by recent studies coming from Harvard University providing further support that coffee is health food. In the Harvard studies coffee was shown to help prevent colon and rectal cancers, Parkinson’s disease in men, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and  to increase the lifespan.

Coffee has already made its way into skin lotions and creams. The  antioxidants prevent free radical damage, a major factor in aging of the skin. Coffee also protects from skin cancer when used topically. Coffee can be used as a pressed oil, an extract (both water and alcohol) and as a supercritical extract. There is a bit of challenge to using coffee on the skin though. It smells like coffee. This is resolved, somewhat, with creative formulating. But sometimes there is that lingering whiff similar to the smell that comes from spilled coffee on clothing – a few hours later.

Mmmm, loving my morning brew.

Jimm Harrison