And The Motivation Is . . .

Love. I seem to be talking about this a lot. Woke up way too early this morning. Spinning thoughts. Monkey mind. Sat to meditate instead of restlessly trying to sleep. Love became the theme. It’s what drives me. It gets me up and buzzing through my day. Love is my passion. It is my motivation.

Why skin care and beauty? Because they are a visual representation of. Love. That may sound just a bit corny. In a more expansive perspective, not corny at all. Love is creation. Creation is life. Life is health. Health is beauty. The work I do – Beauty Inside & Out – is health, life, creation and  . . . Love.

Love is in the plants that are used to assist in healing and that are used in the creation of beautiful skin and skin care products.

For months, Love got me out of bed before the sun came up so that I could write my book on Aromatherapy. Love is why I created the Phytotherapy Institute – so that I could share my knowledge – my love –  with other people.

Love is usually defined by the feelings we have for another person. And we all know – it’s great to be in love. It’s amazing to feel loved. It’s also unfortunate how we can get in our own way. Blocking the love. Often due to the lack of love of the self. Or some self created rule or poor definitions of love. Or fear. Old wounds. Love is always enough. It is everything. It is health, It is healing. It overides all fears. Wounds. Rules. Even Bon Jovi knows – Love’s the Only Rule.