Aromatherapy: Freedom from Pain and Inflammation

Free. Freedom. Freestyle. What does it mean to be free?

Free country? A chant for freedom? Freedom from what? Freedom for what?

Is it free?

Hardly. It all costs. To think otherwise is free dumb.

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Note: The following is dismissing the conversation of true tyranny.

Freedom. It’s about choices. What are the choices you want? What are the choices they want? Is there a freedom to choose?

Or. Is freedom actually the act of accepting or not accepting choices made? Accept the choices made by others. Feels like freedom. Not accepting the choices made by others. Not freedom.

Accept your own decisions and choices. Free. Not accepting your own choices. Imprisoned.

Accept to live with the choices made by others. Accept the choices made by you. To do anything else is a pain. And inflaming. Pain and inflammation is the symptom of a society. A lifestyle. A symptom of lack of acceptance.

Back Pain Inflammation

Freedom. The ability to be proactive. Make changes in conditions that are unacceptable. Freedom-less is victimization. A cause of pain and inflammation.

Essential oil remedies for the illusion of a lack of freedom. Freedumb remedies.

Lemon scent reduces both pain and inflammation. Well, not the scent itself. The fragrance marks the path that leads to the essential oils used in aromatherapy to reduce pain and inflammation. Like lemongrass. Litsea cubeba. Eucalyptus citriodora. Other pain relieving – aldehyde compound containing – essential oils. Elemi. Cumin.

A selection of anti-inflammatory oil choices. Helichrysum. Frankincense. German chamomile. Katrafay.

Wintergreen. Birch. Pain relief that comes with some caution. Freedom to use. Just don’t be reckless. Dilute.

The pain and inflammation arsenal of aromatherapy. Effective. Diverse. So many choices. So much freedom to accept.

Acceptance? Or lack there of. More remedies. For deeper issues. Emotional issues. Thought.

Lack of acceptance = pain. Inflammation.

Aromatherapy remedies for barriers to acceptance.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 9.52.07 AMLemongrass. Litsea cubeba. Frankincense . . . Wait. I did this list. Funny how that works. The symptom and. Potential cause of symptom. One oil. The magic of essential oils. Symptom and cause. One oil.

Acceptance. Rose. Neroli. Melissa. Lavender. Geranium. Australian sandalwood. Spikenard. Spruce. So much more. So many choices. So much. Acceptance.

Lack of acceptance. Stagnation. Remedies. Orange. Lemon. Lime. Grapefruit. Creates flow. And movement. Acceptance.

Lighten up. Bergamot. Spearmint. Peppermint. Cape chamomile.

Essential oils. Many choices. Freedom to choose.

There is freedom to apply. Essential oils have such diversity in their aromatherapy applications. Choices. Freedom.

Inhale. Massage. Bath. Spray. Facial care.

Accept the freedom of choices you have to formulate. That’s an intention. Intention drives your formula.

A pain relieving and anti-inflammatory formula. Intention of acceptance.

This is a 5% essential oil dilution for massage. A vegetable fixed oil base (so many choices). In a one ounce bottle.

 Litsea cubeba – 3 drops

Lime – 5 drops

Katrafay – 5 drops

Black Pepper – 5 drops

Wintergreen – 2 drops

Cape chamomile – 4 drops

Copaiba – 6 drops


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Freedom. Just another word for nothing left to lose? Hardly.


Easier to accept when being. Proactive.



  1. Good advice from the “Essential Oil Guru.” Nice blend Jimmy.