Aromatherapy for a Mixed Up, Muddled Up World of Good Times and Bad

There are moments of wonder and joy and satisfaction and . . . well, just some decent way cool moments. Then there are times when it’s just so hard. The world is pounding down on you. Everything, and I mean everything, just sucks.

In times of struggle. Be zen. Breathe. Let go.

That’s good advice – but a tad too New Agey pop psychology. Even so, I’d go with the Buddhazenbreathe thing too. You know – just chill. Ever’ting is gonna be alright.

Not really. No, I mean I hope so. Or. It is what it is. So . . .

Things happen. Good. Bad. It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world. Except for Lola, of course (do a lyrics search).

Life is a process. Go with it. Be proactive. Have fun.

That’s what I like about working with essential oils. It’s fun.

The creative process. Take the essential oils for a ride. Devise. An activity that brings on those zen moments. In the moment. Breathe. Become one with the artistic expression of fragrance. Meditative. And fun. Fragrant zen moments. How cool is that?
Massage crop
What’s your mood? What’s the situation? Work it.
Think in terms of enhancing – or if it’s one of those not so good times, erase or relieve it.



To represent the joy. Happy times.
Harmonize the uplifting energies with grapefruit and neroli
Connect with a centered self with lavandin and basil
Spread the joy through the universe with elemi and myrrh

Pull away from lethargy, boredom and humdrum.
Spark it with spearmint and tarragon.
Cleanse it with eucalyptus radiata and bay laurel.
Run it with cedarwood and pine.

A broken heart? Ouch.
Rose, frankincense, jasmine, ylang ylang, litsea cubeba, lavender, Australian sandalwood and orange petitgrain. All good for the heart, self confidence and love.

In Love?
Repeat the preceding. Rose, jasmine, etc.

Struggles. Harsh realities. Rolling a boulder up a mountain.
Ease it and make it flow with sweet orange and bergamot
Balance and stability is geranium, cardamon and Cape chamomile
Strengthen your resolve with spikenard and copaiba

Woman Smell lav bottle square


The therapeutic value of your essential oils is always there. For whatever life challenging or life affirming reason you use the essential oils – they will help to maintain a healthy body, reduce parasitic infection and – well, you know the drill – all good for body and mind.