Astaxanthin for UVR Protection

Just after my last post regarding botanicals and sunscreen I receive an email about, you guessed it, a new botanical sunscreen formula that’s about to enter the market. Not sure how far they’re going with this. From the report it seems like they will still add the accepted synthetics for SPF value. Completely unnecessary in my formulas for my pale skin and bald head

The main ingredient is astaxanthin, an algae extract long known and used  for sun protection (by Aveda and Derma-E  among others). Astaxanthin is actually the name of the carotenoid compound, the algae it is extracted from is Haematococcus pluvialis. Astaxanthin is also the red color of salmon, shrimp and krill.

This is one of the main ingredients I have used, and still use in skin formulas – it does so much more for skin than sun protection. Most formulas do not contain the concentration of astaxanthin necessary for sun protection – you can tell because they just aren’t red (or orange) enough. This is a carotenoid and it stains, which is why others use it in inadequate concentrations. We’ll see how this new product does – and how red it is. But the one thing to know, is astaxanthin is a valuable extract (it is extracted using supercritical carbon dioxide) for skin and health. You can also use this as a supplement for UVR protection as well as stamina and overall health.



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