Beauty Inside & Out: Nutrition

I’ve been dropping it in pieces all throughout my bog.  So, for those of you who just want some suggestions on eating, supplements and topicals for your own Beauty Inside and Out Management System (sounds important, doesn’t it?), I’ll just write out some suggestions  that will assist in giving you healthy skin, hair, nails, clear eyes and an overall look of vitality (that would be beauty). A more detailed list is in my book, Aromatherapy: Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils for Esthetics, and includes the available support studies. For this post I will focus on nutrients. Coming in later posts will be lifestyle, emotions, intensions, exercise, the quantum aspect and other holistic concerns for health and beauty.

  1. Water – need I say more? It’s the most important nutrient.
  2. Colors and lots of it (not color additives or crayons – do I really have to clarify that?). This is my repetitive mantra. Some call it the “Rainbow Diet.” Suggestions include; spinach, carrots, kale, chard, tomato, red (green and yellow) peppers, melons, berries, and so on.
  3. Other whole, preferably organic, foods. I’ll do a menu blog another time. Variety is key to get the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients required.
  4. Sun – 10 to 20 minutes a day (no synthetic sunscreen – read my posts in the Botanical Sun Protection category). It protects from cancers, provides vitamin D and so much more. Don’t use soap on the skin, it strips away the vitamin D that hasn’t yet penetrated into the bloodstream. Soap isn’t necessary except on the oil producing, hairy, areas of the body.
  5. Suggested Supplements: Following is a list of the most basic supplemental requirements for health and beauty. Supplements are used only to support a complete whole healthy diet, or for direct therapeutic use when known conditions or deficiencies are known (pharmacological effect).
  • Multi-vitamin. Use the most whole-food and nutritionally complete formula available. Send me an email if you’d like suggestions.
  • Anti-oxidants. My best suggestion here is a concentrated “colored diet.” My favorite in this category are the Supercritical CO2 extracts. These contain very concentrated amounts of the carotenoids, flavonoids and polyphenols I mention so often. New Chapter vitamins is the only company I know of that is selling supercriticals.
  • Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s). Skin and beauty fatty acids are available from foods such as cold water fish (salmon, sardines, etc.) and fruit and vegetable seeds (olive, cranberry, rosehip). The Omega-6 (linoleic acid) is usually adequately provided through diet. Omega-3 is a highly recommended supplement. New Chapter just introduced a great formula, Nordic Naturals has been a standard for quality and there are likely a few others that offer a decent quality fish oil – from a sustainable fish source and are prepared in a way that the oil is not rancid. Non-fish sources are also available. Flax would be the most popular choice with a higher content of Omega-3 to Omega-6. Cranberry seed oil and raspberry seed oil both provide a balance of 3 and 6, where hemp seed oil has a higher Omega-6 content.
  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) – MSM is a vital nutrient found in many foods and meats. MSM provides sulfur , necessary for the building of flexible collagen and keratin proteins – healthy hair, skin and nails! 1000 mgs a day is recommended.
  • Probiotics – You need beneficial, gut bacteria. Our lifestyle (and overuse of antibiotics) depletes our natural intestinal flora. Supplement with a good source, refrigerated, and high count probiotic. Another reason I like New Chapter, they grow their vitamins using  a probiotic system, using natural fermentation, which is also why foods such as miso, sauerkraut, and yoghurt are so good.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – This is a powerful antioxidant, and more importantly, a strong anti-inflammatory. Alpha lipoic acid is known to protect the collagen from glycation, the breakdown of proteins by sugars. It’s a great supplement for skin care and over-all health. Diabetics benefit from its protection from neuropathy and other inflammatory conditions. I recommend  using the R-form (R-alpha lipoic acid), 50 – 100 mgs/3 times per day.

This list is a pretty good overview. Keep in mind that water and food are the number one concern, then supplements. There are those who believe we get all we need from our food. I’d like to think so. It would require a very diverse, local, organic and FRESH food diet. Not easy in our lifestyle. This is why I do support supplementing, but keeping to those supplements that ARE food or as close to the food as possible. I do deviate from this at times, such as alpha lipoic acid. It’s a synthetic vitamin. It cannot be derived naturally, which is why I suggest using the R-form, the chirally correct form, (or as best as science can mimic in a lab).

Ok, go be beautiful.



  1. blogging now are we! Water, sun, and supplements, don’t forget about serum. the skin just soaks it up.



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