C’est la Vie

I have not been blogging for quite a bit of time . My hiatus was due to focusing on a class I was taking at the school of hard knocks. I was fully engulfed within the valuable lessons I was force fed there, mostly dealing with the emotions – and am still processing many of them. Love, trust, betrayal, disillusionment, anger and hurt were the main topics that were covered. But mostly, the course was designed to, once again, have me take a closer, sometimes not so attractive, look at myself – because when the test is finally taken, there is only the self that can answer the questions. Every once in a while in the walk through life, you, me and everyone else, is forced to take that deeper inventory of the beliefs, ideals, lingering inner wounds and pain, blocks, habits, and reactive behaviors that control and manipulate the way we present ourselves and live our lives. This inner observation, sometimes exposed so vulnerably to the surface, is, hopefully, how we improve ourselves and evolve to become better at the game of life.

Betrayal and trust, trust and betrayal. This is a class I’ve taken many times. This is a class we all take many times and a subject that is consistently presented to us – in business, in what we buy and how we are sold to, and in our relationships with family, friends and lovers. Trust and betrayal, betrayal and trust.

I like to think I give my trust unconditionally when I step into a situation, well, really it’s relationships I’m talking about, whether business or love. But I may not give trust unconditionally. In fact, I’m now sure I don’t. I go through the motions, and emotions, of trust. But at a deeper analysis, it’s not unconditional.

Do you trust unconditionally? What do I even mean by unconditional trust? I’m not sure, must have fallen asleep when that was being discussed. You know what that  means when you miss a lesson don’t you? I’ll be taken back to class again at another time.

Can we, as humans who have evolved from a predatory landscape, truly, or unconditionally, trust?

I know I can trust, and more importantly, be trusted. That just slipped off my keyboard without prior thought – be trusted. To be trusted there would need to be prior history – true? Can we trust without knowing the prior history of the one we are trusting? I have been, and proven that I can be, trusted. I have also proven that I can not be trusted. So much of our individual history – or paranoia, fear, anger and inner wounds – will control the emotion of trust and whether we can be trusted, no matter what our intentions may be.

My classes at the school of hard knocks had me take a look backwards. I discovered that my history, and accountable actions, had me betray a trust given to me – though I must include that this was a two sided betrayal, making for a much more interesting and volatile situation. I’m in the process of correcting my own actions, and in this have found something rich and valuable that I had earlier dismissed. I’m lucky to have a second chance. A second chance is not always available.

So what does this have to do with beauty, nutrition, aromatherapy or any of the other topics I cover in this blog? Not really sure, like I said, I’m still processing the information. I do know the impact  of any lessons we learn, or any of the things that life smacks us over the head with to get our attention, will be brought into the work I or you do. Life lessons will impact your health. They will impact your skin and your beauty. Life lessons can make us hard – which in turn will give the appearance of a hardened, or sad and hurt, outer shell – or damaged aging skin. This is an aspect of holistic beauty, and I am without a conclusion or remedies for the effect of trust and betrayal on skin, though at times have offered suggestions for the history of the inner self and its effect on damage and aging skin. Maybe once I process this lesson, I’ll write up some remedies. I know one already. Love. The giving, including to yourself, and the receiving, of Unconditional Love.

Such is life.




  1. Toby Swanger says:

    Beautifully worded… Sorry you had to take the course. It is one I am (unfortunately) all too familiar with. I think sometimes through the actions of others (beyond our control) we are thrown into the bus & hauled off to class against our will. At other times we throw ourselves under the bus with our own choices. It is then I think our diploma is slightly chewed, our cap & gown are shredded & torn & it’s a mighty long walk to the platform. I hope that you were able to right your ship & put your world back on it’s axis. It is tough place to live from – unbalanced. Oh but wait, we have oils for that! 🙂