Just Another Day . . . I Mean, Happy New Year!

The clock strikes at midnight. There was a countdown leading up to this almost every hour of the day throughout the world on December 31st. What a concept.
So now, “new beginnings.” There must be something new about what I’m doing right now. I woke up in a new year. 2013 to be exact. It all seems so very much the same as last year, 2012. Well, no, as I remember from that year, which seems so long ago, the calendar, and with it the world, had ended. I must of missed that. Though I do recall several rather funny jokes referring to it.


I sit here now in my new beginnings way, tapping the very keyboard I used last year.
With a change in focus – and a little mugwort – I transform yesterday, last year, into a new frontier of progress, momentum and . . . wait, what if I liked what I was doing last year? Damn that vetiver. Knew I shouldn’t have used it in the shower yesterday. It’s root oil has grounded me, settled me, stabilized me into thinking I’m ok right here, right now – and it’s no longer right here or right now. It’s a new year. 2013 to be exact.


Time is a funny thing. “Time is an illusion,” as quoted, so they say, by Einstein. He was a pretty smart guy.


I get that when I use Cape chamomile. Not the smart thing. The time thing. Illusion. It kind of separates all the ticking seconds into a cohesive whole. The smart thing I get with basil. Or so I like to think. It may be a smart oil because everyone – the everyone who writes about essential oils – say basil is a smart oil. Verbal manipulation of the olfactory response?


Is it still 2013?


In my morning commute to confusion over the validity of “new beginnings” on the morning of a new year – you know which new year I’m talking about by now – I will concoct a new beginnings body oil to apply following my first shower of a new year. In ritualistic fashion this shamanistic essential oil formula will;

~ bless the future with intention

~ root the nourishment of the past (we won’t get into how screwed up I and everyone else is because of the past)

~ and place me solidly to living in the present moment (that’s so New Age which is pretty old now given it’s 2013, exactly).


Guess I need to actually do a blend following all that fanfare. Whatever.


Made an ounce with olive oil and put in

3 drops Vetiver

3 drops Mugwort

4 drops Cape chamomile

5 drops Basil

(if you’d like to know specified botanical origin of these oils, ask me the first morning of 2014. Not really. Just kicking the year off  with a bit of attitude)



  1. this is a very funny page. hope your holiday was safe.