Drink Tea Stay Young

A study conducted in China found that tea drinkers have a younger biological age. This would appear to be very true based on my 90 year old aunt, an avid tea drinker whose high activity level and good overall health is not common for her age group. Tea is a source of polyphenols,primarily epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate, and epicatechin. Green tea contains higher amounts of these compounds than black tea. The youth giving activity is attributed to the antioxidant protection of the cell telomeres.

Aging and the lifespan of normal, healthy cells are attributed to the telomere shortening mechanism, which limits cells to a fixed number of divisions. Telomere length has been linked to biological aging and also protects cells from conditions that lead to cancer. Telomeres are highly susceptible to oxidative stress, which is why antioxidants, such as those found in tea, protect cells from premature shortening of  telomeres.

Now here’s a study demonstrating the beauty and intelligence of nature. These same  tea compounds were found to shorten the telomeres of cancer cells.  Come on, how cool is that? The same compounds that protect cells from the shortening of telomeres and protect cells from becoming cancerous will shorten the  telomeres of existing cancer cells, which, as a result, kills the cell. This is not new information. It was discovered long ago, and I have related this regarding lemon essential oil and its use in killing tumor cells, that healthy cells are protected and made stronger  while simultaneously tumor cells are destroyed (apoptosis) by the activity of antioxidants and other compounds found in botanicals. The same compound makes healthy cells healthier while killing cancer cells. Nature is pretty amazing.

This isn’t just about tea. An alternate study has found similar telomere protection, and younger biological aging in persons who use multivitamins. Here we are again with more support to the value of a highly antioxidant (think rainbow) diet. Yes, multi’s are good, but a variety of multi-colored foods is most important to insure you get all the micronutrients and synergies provided by whole food.

You can still take an inside and out approach with tea (especially green tea). Topical use of green tea also protects the skin from premature aging, cancer and photo-damage. This is true of many antioxidants. Rainbow diet inside and rainbow topicals outside.

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