Elderberries: The No Flu Solution

Here’s a no flu solution to the Swine Flu (H1N1 virus). An elderberry extract was studied and found to be effective in blocking the H1N1 virus from the receptor sites http://ow.ly/o2Vt

OK, so this isn’t a study that says this is your magic pill against viral infection. But it certainly does provide support to the benefits of a multi (rainbow) colored diet. The experience of all those whose diets consist of whole foods, preferably organic, is that illness is rare.  Disease prevention is often attributed to antioxidant rich and immunity bumping flavonoids, carotenoids, polyphenols and all those other deliciously good for you nutrients. Though, from the holistic perspective, it can be assumed that the whole food offers a synchronistic blend of nutrients and claiming one compound, or group of compounds, as the active does not provide the “whole” truth.

Elderberry is one of a long list of superfoods, that also includes acai, mangosteen,  goji berry and gooseberry. These superfoods are showing up more and more in skin care. Keep the whole food philosophy in mind when checking out products claiming to contain these ingredients, in a usable form they will provide a brown/purplish, orange or reddish color to the formula, and the odor should be detectable as well.