End of Year . . . Last Minute Mind Chatter

This is the usual time of year for self reflection, analysis of the past, planning for the future, thinking about what you want, what you should discard, what you want to keep, who your friends are, who your friends aren’t, and all the many other things that sum up a year. And it’s a time to goof off – even if just a little bit.

This year has brought me great success and this year end is offering immense potential for the future. Very cool (or, I’m grateful)

Through random events, new friends and synchronistic happenings, these last days of December have brought to the forefront some of my philosophical standards.

Happiness is a mode of transportation, not a destination.   Trying to find happiness is only possible if you can be happy – and I would even say, happiness is possible only if you already are happy. Without happiness your journey for happiness becomes a case of  “you can’t get there from here.” If you can be happy, then, you could be happy for no reason. This does not discount the emotions that happiness may coexist with, such as sadness, frustration, joy, stress and so on. Life can be harsh, but it is your choice to be happy.

If there is something that will make you happy and you strive to get that something – the destination – and you get it, then, if you’re not already happy, how does that something truly become happiness? If happy is the ride you are on to that destination,  then that something can be the momentary shriek of happiness you seek, a giddy moment or sustained joy – then, it’s on to the next something, or not. Happiness is a thought, a belief, a way of life and a state of being. If you don’t think you are happy,  you are not happy. This isn’t a false happiness, it’s a decision to be happy. Maybe this is the fools journey – but it does make the challenges we are daily faced with much more tolerable. Maybe I’m just doing what so many have attempted before – to define happiness, and for no reason.

Another of my philosophical standards:

The quantum perspective, “reality is an illusion,” reality is created through consciousness and, therfore, you create your reality. You are what you think.

Well, sort of.

Amit Goswami,  in the documentary The Quantum Activist, delivers this message in a much more grounded way than the more common New Agey cosmic fluff too often heard. So many gems presented by physicist Dr. Goswami in this documentary.

“Heaven will manifest on earth.” Strange words coming from a scientist. How does this fit in with the quantum equation? At the quantum level of material science is where you find the creation, the creator. All potential exists there. In our material manifestation, the “real world,” we have collapsed the quantum potential into “being.” Our consciousness creates the “real world.” Or is it the chicken and the egg – is  consciousness a result of the material brain? And if consciousness creates the reality, why is it so hard to manifest? If following  all the instructions of the pop psychologists and New Age philosophers, why is the money, the cars, the lifestyle, the world peace so hard to create? Amit answers this with,”Intentions do work. Ordinary ego intentions don’t work because we never go beyond the ego.”  Heaven manifesting on earth must be a pure conscious, quantum,  state of existence. No manifested car necessary. No ego, which is the belief that you are “you,” a separate entity from the collective consciousness.

“There is nothing but God”

All things are connected. We are one, God is us, me, you, we.

Our material reality is caving in all around us. It seems we are evolving (the pessimist who sees us falling into the world of sci-fi apocalyptic doom and gloom may not agree). The evolution, what we are seeing as revolution, brings us closer to a level of thought, consciousness, that can create a better existence. The Occupy Tea Party Middle East Meltdown is a change in mass consciousness. Intention creates the reality. The material is disintegrating, and the collective “we” is attempting to rebuild a better world. Collective, non-local consciousness manifesting in the material world. It just isn’t that simple though. But it is happening and evident by the new models of commerce and community that are developing based on a more unified and collective consciousness.

“Consciousness is the ground of all being” “If matter is made from consciousness, then consciousness can choose from these possibilities . . .” – Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

Amit delivers a potent message. Most of us, much more than the 99%, don’t see or feel this quantum reality, even those who think they do, following the rules of intention and  manifesting after reading The Power of Now or watching The Secret.

It’s the end of the year and the start of a new year. And though a “new year” is a creation of the human mind, it is still a collective time to re-evaluate and begin anew.

Be happy, for no reason

Live with awareness that all things are created through consciousness – thought. The illusion is real.

Know that all things are connected. This can be shown in so many ways on the material plane. What you do affects everything, maybe microscopically, but becomes macroscopic in ways that aren’t seen as connected.

Our environment presents a very clear picture of unity and interconnectedness. The damage that is caused by our carelessness and lifesyle cannot be avoided by listening to those who profit by our ignorance.

We are one, no boundaries, all of our actions we do to ourselves.


Another from Amit Goswami; “If I see unity, I know I have to protect the environment”

I do see unity. And I know I have to protect . . .

Live this year, this life, with integrity