Feel Good Aromatherapy

There is nothing wrong with feeling good. Feeling good, well, feels good. Nothing wrong with that.  

It may seem strange to some that this would even be necessary to state. But, to many, whether sub-consciously or right up front as “Catholic Guilt,” the truth is – it doesn’t feel right to feel good.


Something is bound to go wrong. People are suffering next door. The government is going to take us over. God will punish me.

Or maybe. It’s just that something is missing. I need to have an extra $5,000 a month. I need a new job. If he/she would just love me or treat me this way instead of . . . whatever.

I’m not even talking about being happy. “Happiness is a mode of transportation, not a destination.”

What does it mean to feel good?

That’s yours to own. NIke says “Just do it.”

If you are ill, physically out of balance. Feeling good would seem a distant reality. If you are abused by one or more of the several abuse options available to us as human beings – tough to override that to feel good.

Sometimes. We work harder at feeling bad, angry, paranoid, frightened . . . than we do at feeling good.

If we feel bad – we buy stuff.


WARNING: POLITICAL RANT- This is what’s happening with this 2nd amendment, “we want our submachine guns,” foolishness that’s going on. The manipulation is to make people afraid. Afraid without their people blasters they will be overtaken by a tyrannical US or foreign government. Too late. The paranoia is designed to keep you buying. It’s a corporate controlled government that has already accomplished a tyrannical takeover of sorts. You buy stuff. Gun people were just manipulated by follow-up marketing of a tragedy anticipating a government response to “take your rights away.” The result produced skyrocketing gun sales. This was a successful corporate government takeover – of sorts –  of your hard earned dollars. Think about it. If the government “takes over” how can you buy things? Their machine is working quite well as it is. There are so many examples of this.


How can you feel good if feeling bad is the driving force?  We buy or look for something outside of us to feel good. Buy that which will remedy the thing we were convinced to feel bad about.

By the way. Whatever you’re feeling bad about. I have essential oil formulas to fix it. You can buy them on my product page.

I feel good. Feels like love. And I feel good about it.

Yes – shit happens. Sometimes it’s really bad.

Ok. I titled this “feel good aromatherapy.” Mostly so that the proper keywords would be present. I learned that from brand marketing manipulation. Doesn’t make me feel good. Doesn’t make me feel bad either. It just is. But I should talk about essential oils.

Actually, all philosophizing  aside. I’m sincerely passionate about essential oils. They make me feel good. Not because I need them to feel good. But because they feel good along with me.

Essential oils are as feel good as it gets. Right from the source where feel good comes from. Spirit. Nature. God. The Quantum Universe.


Cape Chamomile is a connection to spiritual expansiveness that is obvious from first inhale.


Elemi offers a deeper source to fulfillment.


Rose, the essential oil of the heart, is the epitome of feeling good.


Blue Lotus, the flower Brahman rises from, representing the very essence of source, Universal spirit, the Absolute, the Infinite and God.





Put these together  . . . I feel good.










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