Frankincense – What the Desert Said

Esoteric, expansive and spiritually encouraging, this is the sentiment the desert voices express in the form of the frankincense resin and its essential oil. Frankincense’s complex, quiet and beautifully spacious aroma is the legend of mystical and religious ritual from the earliest of human history. The tradition of frankincense gently floats from generation to progressive generation, who embrace the precedent and memories it carries. frankincense-resin

Frankincense calls to the poetic, the romantic and the meditative, engulfing us in the possibilities and beliefs that exceed our sense awareness, tapping into a boundless reality that can only be experienced by surpassing the limits of our physical existence. This is what the desert said  – in the language of frankincense.


A sampling of 4 exquisite frankincense extracts (Supercritical CO2, water/steam distillation, molecular distillation and steam distillation). Plus a copper still distilled hydrosol and frankincense resins.



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