Happy Happy, Joy Joy

I haven’t really attempted anything philosophical on this blog yet. Philosophy, personal philosophy that is, is important to health and beauty –  just like wine, broccoli and all the physical aspects to good health and good skin I’ve written about. So a semi-philosophical rant on happiness is in line with beauty, and skin care, and health.

Today, following a couple of days of sadness, disappointment and loss (which I am still fully immersed in), I found myself feeling happy. Not masking the sadness, it was just there – happy. This was not all that unusual for me. I tend to be happy, for no reason, other than my typical explanation – I just don’t know any better. And so, I did a self examination  and just sat thinking about – being happy. What’s that all about?

This brought me back to my old standards on happiness:

Happiness is a mode of transportation, not a destination.

And another:

Be happy, for no reason.

Happiness, in our society, seems to be about expectations, some form of fulfilled desire.When I have this, I will be happy.

What makes you happy? Why does this make you happy? How long does this happiness last?

Expectation is ok, but should it be the source of happy? Is it possible to just be happy – for no reason?

Be happy.

If you are in a relationship, and your person does not make you happy, is this their responsibility?  There are elements that make for a bad or unfulfilled relationship, that’s not what I’m talking about. There are things a partner should do in a relationship that shows they care and love, that’s not what I’m talking about. If the caring and loving and consideration are in place – How does a person make another happy?

If you are successful – or have achieved your definition of success – are you happy? If you are not happy before the success, is it possible to be happy following the success?

If a person is not happy with their self, is it possible for success or relationship to make the person happy? Is it maybe that outside sources are not the right elements for inside happiness?

I could begin a conversation about patterns – either phycological or patterns that become connections in the brain and peptides released in the body. Addictions. Always needing to disrupt life – cause unhappiness – because the body is addicted to the peptides released from this emotional condition. Not being happy is the drug.

I began observing this years ago, because I saw unhappinesses effect on skin. It shows. But the remedy is not your night cream or sea algae mask.  The remedy is not a thing. It’s a thought. It’s an awareness. A recognition of patterns. It’s a challenge too. The remedy is often far too illusive.

The best skin rejuvenating potion will not make the skin look better if the person using it does not have the vision – the love for the self, the happiness – to see beauty in their own face. The image in the mirror is a reflection of the criticism of the self.

Be happy.

Be happy for no reason.

This is happy – Happy Happy Joy Joy




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