How Can You Not Love Chocolate?

Here again is another study conducted regarding the UV protection of botanicals – this time it’s chocolate. This makes for some pretty delicious sunscreen.

As I had mentioned in a previous post regarding tomato paste and its UVR protective activity following a 10 week period, the effects for chocolate also follow a period of use – in this case it is 12 weeks  of cocoa powder containing 336/mg of flavanol, the group of compounds responsible for the UVR protection. A 20g portion of  chocolate contains 660mg of flavanols, whereas one green tea serving would contain 47mg and red wine about 160 mg. Yet another reason why chocolate and red wine go so well together.

I love chocolate – and I love it that there are so many  botanicals that are just so incredibly good for the skin – and your health.



  1. I actually read the same exact article! I love chocolate, and this gives me reason to keep it close at hand!

    • The thing about chocolate is that most of the benefits described come from raw cacao or cacao produced through a process, low heat, that preserves the flavanol content. I’ve had chocolate from this woman, – it’s amazingly good, tatsing like good chocolate, and preserves the antioxidant and protection from uv damage offered by raw cacao. Mmmm, good.