Intention of Being Healthy – And Sane

I just finished juicing – along with doing the followup cleanup. As I’m rinsing, scrubbing and composting, the brain was working out some thoughts (So much for the Buddhist “wash the dishes when you wash the dishes”). You really need to be motivated to juice. There’s the preparation, the push and grind of extracting and then the rinse scrub, etc. The motivation to all this is to be healthy. Well, for me and many I talk to it is. Intention is powerful stuff. The intention behind all that physical activity it takes to create a juice is  “this damn well better be healthy.” Hmm, the Bostonian in me comes out – intention is not that demanding.

Intention produces an outcome . . . cause and effect. Years ago when I was diving deep into quantum physics, both scientific and philosophical, I had a thought as I hopped on my NordicTrack following my morning read. As I pulled and pulled (sorry, no push on a NordicTrack) I thought, “I don’t really need to do this.”  If what I’ve been reading is accurate I should be able to think, intend, my way to being buff. Thought, consciousness creates physical reality. There is truth and science to this.  This is explored, with lots of examples, in Dr Joe Dispenza’s book ‘Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind’ as well as many other books on matter, reality, quantum physics, thoughts and consciousness.  The mind, intention, is the creator. You know that thing, be careful what you ask for  . . . you’re intending it.

The physical activity, as in riding the NordicTrack to the point of its mechanical disintegration, is a necessary reminder of the intention. Intention, I have come to understand, can not be forced. An aggressive  “no pain, no gain” intention will give you pain, along with the gain. The positive outcomes that I’ve experienced, read about and heard about, come from  intention that is much more fluid. You likely know what I mean if you struggled over writing this down and doing that exercise and jumping through that hoop while following the instructions of a self-help book, with no positive outcome. As I’ve said, intention is not demanded, and it would appear that forcing it intends resistance, not the desired outcome.

I talk about intention often when discussing the difference between a good essential oil distillation and an exceptional distillation, the one with the “love.” It’s about intention. Great things, and essential oils (and wines), come from great intention. You can feel it. I also use intention as a means to a goal in the therapeutic use of essential oils. It doesn’t always matter which oil you use, just intend it to work.

Thoughts are intention. Thoughts are powerful.

So what is the collective intention of the our world today?






  1. Ta Kennedy says:

    To know my communities needs, to uncover and share the intimate stories of my neighbors that the media is not putting into the light. To be part of the solutions that coordinate the collective needs being met.

    Thank you for asking Jimm, this is how it starts : )