I like that word – juicy! It alludes to so many images. Could be a “juicy” story on E entertainment. Sexual imagery, no doubt. It’s a fashionable clothing store, how juicy. And then, well, juicing, the liquid extraction of fruits and vegetables. Hmm, that use of the word seems slightly mundane doesn’t it? Not really, if you happen to be a “juicer.” Juicing, for those who know the experience, is pretty exciting stuff – exciting  from a health perspective. Vitality, beauty, preventing illness and disease, and just feeling really good, are benefits achieved from juicing. Jack LaLanne is all over it (and making some bank from it with that juicer infomercial).

I have been an off and on juicer for many years. Recently, it’s become a big part of my life. I was given a juicer for my birthday (a Jack LaLanne juicer), and a week later, by extraordinary coincidence, I was asked to join a team putting a juicing bar into Whole Foods. I’ve experienced an abundance of juicing over the past months.

Juicing is a great way to get easily digestible nutrients – and high amounts. Juicing coincides with the philosophy of the rainbow diet, lots of colored foods, and is loaded with the antioxidants preached in a disease preventive diet. You want your juices to taste good, so its best to start with vegetables that you like. There are recipe books and internet sources that will help you get started until you’ve mastered your juicing flavor and combination skills. Fruits tend to be more sugar rich, as are beets and carrots, and higher on the glycemic index, so the recommendation is to stay with more vegetable than fruit juicing.

Juicing provides opportunity to add a variety of veges into the diet, so mix it up, and don’t go for the same combinations day after day.  Cabbage, green leafy vegetables, celery, fennel, cucumbers and broccoli are great juicing vegetables. These can be spiced up with arugula, watercress and/or basil for some delicious drinks.

Every vegetable and fruit provides extreme nutritional content, each having their specific value. Do some research if you have an individual need you’d like to address. It’s all good, and juicing in general will be of huge benefit no matter what your requirements are.

In relation to skin care and beauty – yes! Your skin, hair and nails will love what juicing does. Your vitality will be so enriched that the beauty will emanate from the lifeforce provided by fresh, whole organic fruits and vegetables.

Get juicy!