Keep the Food in Beauty Foods

The idea of beauty from the inside  and out is getting a lot of attention this month. It’s getting big kudos from Mintel Beauty Innovation’s research, stating that juices and foods that are making the beauty claim has grown 306% from 2005 to 2008. HAPPI magazine released the Fall 2009 Beauty from the Inside & Out supplement. Lots of great articles about, well, beauty from the inside and out and the potential product potential (and as soon as they put the digital version of the Ahhh…romtherapy article on their website, I’ll let you know – I’m quoted a lot.).

Funny though, it seems like real food just isn’t enough. Companies now need to create “beauty foods.” Now, I like the idea of beauty inside-out, beauty within, beauty enhancing and whatever other name marketing creates to define their new improved-over-nature-because-it does-what-nature-does-only-we-packaged-it -better products.

I’m an advocate and have been working the beauty inside out thing for 20 years. Except, I never suggested beauty foods, just foods that make you beautiful because they make you healthy, and health and beauty are synonymous.  I also suggest supplements that provide, as food based as possible, an ample amount of all the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants as the body requires for health, wellness and protection from compromising environments and lifestyles. Keeps the body healthy and beautiful.

Being somewhat cynical, I do see other potential in this trend. Like, what happens when the package becomes the product and the supposed beauty within is left out?  I have a whole food philosophy for skin care, even named my blog after it. The philosophy works in reverse (really from its origin), in that it still applies to food, even beauty foods. After all, like Howard Murad, MD wrote in this months Skin Inc. You Are What You Eat.

I hope the beauty within trend doesn’t go the way of skin care, taking out the real thing because it doesn’t look right, smell right, taste right or feel right, according to intense market studies and focus groups.  Package  beauty foods in a pretty cosmetic package with strong consumer appeal – but lets not forget to put the food in the package as well.



  1. I agree that beauty and health are synonymous.
    I’d like to hear your opinion on beauty foods being just another short cut that probably won’t really work well without a holistic approach, even if the beauty within is left in.
    True health comes from living as healthy as one can and includes not only eating the right stuff, but also avoiding too much stress, getting enough of the right kinds of exercise, avoiding unnecessary drugs etc.

    • Hi Chris,
      Agreed, and you are very right about your view of holistic. In health, and really everything, the entire system and its care need to be considered. I developed the Global Healthy Aging program years ago based on this very point – it all matters; diet, lifestyle, emotions, philosophical view and so much more. My series in Skin Inc magazine (parts 1, 2 and 3) is all about this. My book opens with beauty as health and holistic beauty.

      Thanks for writing