Nectar of Beauty

How much juice does it take to juice for the juice to juice your skin? I get asked this question often. Well, not quite in that way. But I thought my version was a tinge more colorful than – “do you have any juice recipes for skin care?”

The interesting thing about juicing vegetables and fruit for skin care is that you don’t necessarily have to be skin specific. In fact, you hardly have to be anything specific. Except. Use whole fresh organic produce when you juice. And variety is a good idea. Juicing helps to detoxify the body. Nothing specific, they all work – apples, melons, beets, greens, carrots, and . . . they all work. Detoxifying supports a healthy complexion. Juicing fresh organic produce provides vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Good for the skin. There are different levels of these nutrients in the individual vegetables and fruits. This is why variety is a good idea. Unless you really really require a specific nutrient, don’t be too concerned over the nutritional content of the individual juice ingredients. Do you really want to study up on what each juice ingredient contains, along with how much of the each nutrient – and at what pace these nutrients dissipate over time and  on and on? My nutritional advice is – go with variety.  Selecting from the known nutrient content of the individual produce ingredient is called a reductionist system. Reducing a whole food down to its individual nutrients and assuming this is where the activity of the whole is coming from. Satisfies the science. But not necessarily provides the whole truth.

Now – antioxidants and antioxidants and antioxidants. Great for the skin and your produce is loaded with antioxidants. Colored fruits and vegetables contain a variety of polyphenols, carotenoids and flavonoids, all known for their intense antioxidant action and well-documented for the benefit of the body and the skin. Again, don’t get too reductionistic and start looking for the zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, anthocyanidin, sulforaphane, or gingerol content, Just go with  variety. It’s all good. Go with the color. The deeper the better, though don’t discount the benefit of the watery lightly colored celery and cucumbers. The variety will also supply anti-inflammatory activity, also good good good for skin care.

So what is the nectar of beauty? Here are a few examples:

2 Tomatoes, 2 celery stalks, slice of cantaloupe and a handful of basil (or one drop of basil essential oil – but do go careful on the oil. even a drop can be very flavorful)

4 Carrots, 1 apple, chunk of ginger to prefered flavor

2 Beets, 2 carrots, 1/2 cucumber, handful of spinach

Think variety and go for it. Juice up your skin care.