Not Blogging – But Still Active

No, really, I do still exist. Just not visiting, well, blogging, as much. This whole year has been void of blogging. No, I did pop in periodically. Once? Twice?  That’s not very  . . . interesting. Periodic posting. It’s been a challenge of a year so far for many and a very good half a year for some. I fall in between. I helped in the juice bar launch, WONJI JUICE, in the Annapolis, MD Whole Foods – and last month we opened the Georgetown DC location. Still have my hands in it.

I’ve traveled a bit, speaking here and there. The Brazil trip would be a highlight. I’ve written a few more articles.

What am trying to say here?

Just that I’m still around. I’m still extremely active in my work and mission. And it’s time to start blogging again. Well, that would be the plan.