Products For Beauty Inside & Out

Back from the Natural Products Expo East. Sorry I lied. I never did get a blog post written as I said I would. There is a good reason, there was just too much going on!

I started my tour of the Expo floor in the bulk and functional foods section. Functional foods are those that are considered nutritionally potent and active foods. These are also foods that fulfill the nutritional requirements for beauty inside and out. Lots of polyphenols.

My two favorites out of this category were the berries from Uzbekistan and the bee pollen and propolis out of New Zealand. I have some berry samples, but no literature from the berry company – bummer. These guys have a great assortment of some of the best “face foods” available; things like gooseberries, a type of blackberry whose name I can’t recall, pomegranates, figs (tasty little figs), raisins and a few others. These were deep and rich and really yummy. I made a few visits to this table throughout the show.

The bee pollen and propolis extracts come from a company called Apihealth. They claim to have an extraction method that maintains the integrity of the bioflavonoids, enzymes, proteins and other nutrients that make these two bee products a value to health and beauty.

I got to the expo late this first day, so following the grazing I did in the food isles, I met up with friends and colleagues to see what the buzz for the show was. There have been a few changes in business structures and distribution, but not much in the way of exciting news. What I did find is that the beauty inside and out category is still nonexistent in natural products. And that there is a real interest for this to be developed.

I made my way around  the following day. I didn’t find much beyond expected advances in formulation of skin and supplements – utilizing some of the newly discovered super nutrients and, in skin care, adding a higher quality botanical extract. There are much better products available now, some I would even unenthusiastically recommend.

A few products did market using beauty inside and out. Two that I thought were odd but interesting, using a clever nod in their signage copy to the beauty inside and out trend, were a kiefer product and the Brown Cow Yoghurt company. Then there were some new collagen containing skin care and supplement products. Read my post from September 17, 2009 to see how lame I think this is. I’m still waiting to see some research that supports collagen use. One line, Noahs Naturals,  was introducing a powder product, which seemingly is the way  the larger companies, like Nestelle, are marketing beauty within. Noah’s offers an antiaging beauty beverage powder. It looks OK, with the typical powdered form of the “superfoods” of this category; pomegranate, goji, acai, blueberry, etc.

This post is not very exciting. Mostly because I wasn’t excited by what I was seeing. But I was completely buzzed by the response I was having to my description and potential for a beauty inside and out category for the natural products industry. The idea is similar to the design I’ve begun developing in spa and resorts. I’ll be writing more about this in later blogs.

I ended my expo visit with Girish, a supplier of some of the most beautiful Supercritical extracts I have ever experienced. This was the beauty inside and out experience I was looking for. Though the products – some incredible supplements using the whole herb with the supercritical and the essential oil – were not designed for beauty, they certainly were everything i recommend. More on that later.

I’m off to do some followup so that i can turn this rather uninteresting blog into some incredible news for beauty  inside and out.