Essential Oil Collections & Kits

Add to Cart Frankincense Experience Collection 
$56.55  –  Featuring 4 unique frankincense extracts, a frankincense hydrosol and frankincense resins in a beautiful gold bag.

4 exquisite Frankincense oils:
Carterii Supercritical CO2 2mL
Carterii Heart Note 2mL
Carterii Water Steam Distillation 2mL
Indian Serrata Water Steam Distillation 2mL

Caterii Hydrosol Copper Still Distillation

4 grams of Frankincense Resin
* burn in a candle diffuser or incense burner

Add to Cart The Essential 5:  Your Aromatherapy Medicine Kit
$90.00  –  Includes French Lavender Maillette, Somalian Frankincense, Madagascar MQV, Argentinian Grapefruit, and French Peppermint Mitcham.  Purchased from passionate artisan producers distilling the highest quality essential oils for effectiveness in clinical aromatherapy.  Each essential oil (6 mL) can be used alone or combined to create your own blends.