Signature Blends


Intelligently, Intuitively and Artistically Formulated Essential Oil Products for Perfect  Health and Holistic Wellbeing

Vanilla Sandalwood Fragrance Therapy
$109.34 (5 mL)   The sweet life! Deep, balmy and tropical with a hint of creamsicle elegance. Centering and stable. Warm and bold. A confident fragrance therapy. UniSex. Directions for use: Add to any lotion, cream or vegetable oil. 3 drops per 5 ml or teaspoon.
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$38.14 (5 mL)  For any celebratory moment. An uplifting and effervesant blend of cinnamon, frankincense, nutmeg, ylang, orange and more. Diffuse to brighten any mood. Helps clear the air of illness causing virus and bacteria.
Connoisseur Fragrance Therapy
$93.17 (5 mL)   The scent of expertise and refined knowledge. This blend supports your confidence as an arbiter of taste and trust in your artistic and creative awareness.  Bold and elegant with the deep resonant wisdom of myrrh and Australian sandalwood and the mental sparkle of basil and spearmint wrapped in a refinement of vanilla and bergamot.
Add to Cart Oasis Fragrance Therapy
$80.40 (5 mL)   Blissful and euphoric. . . a serenity of mind. Charming, sensual and confident. A warm, luscious most pleasurable fragrance. UniSex. Directions for use: Add to any lotion, cream or vegetable oil. 3 drops per 5 ml or teaspoon.
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$36.50 (5 mL) Stand tall. Move forward. Be strong.

A deep fragrance inspired by the balsam and airy rising energy of spruce, the supportive core of coriander, the focus of  clarity of tanacetum (blue tansy) and strength and stability of cedarwood.

Add to Cart Simply Love Fragrance Therapy
$50.00 (15 mL in Jojoba Oil)   Find love.  Shared love.   Self love.   It’s Simply Love. A special essential oil creation for the season of love, compassion and friendship. Simply Love is: Rose, offering the heart of the heart. Expansive love. Frankincense supercritical extract and essential oil to fully bring forth a spiritual and conscious love of another and of the self. Organic Citrus oils to uplift the psyche, relieve the soul of past disappointments and open to your sense of fulfillment. Vetiver and Cedarwood to root, ground and provide stability to your found love, reclaimed love and constant love. 15 ml treatment bottle in seabuckthorn and jojoba oil. Directions for use: Set the mood with Simply Love by using as a fragrance. Use as an aromatic conditioning treatment for skin. Rub a very small amount through the hair for an attractive essence. Use with your imagination…
Add to Cart Serious Insomnia Essential Oil Blend
$44.00 (5 mL) –  Elusive sleep. Within reach, then gone.  This blend will calm and soothe, pulling you into a sea of tranquil sleep. Easy and restful essential oils including spikenard, mandarin petitgrain, cape chamomile and rose. Quiet the mind and soothe the body as you sink into your bed and enjoy restful, regenerative sleep.
Add to Cart Transcend Essential Oil Blend
$29.32 (5 mL)  – Maintain your Zen.  Find your Buddha. Be your Yogi. Hold your Intention. Transcend. Be positive and be proactive with the grounding and stability of vetiver and cedarwood; the strength and openness of spruce; the clarity and easing of the senses by frankincense; and the uplifting life-force of lemon and neroli. Use this blend to meditate, pray, fragrance your environment or to wear.
Add to Cart Cardio-Heart Support Essential Oil Blend
$33.02 (5 mL)  –  A warming and heart lifting blend of essential oils with relation to the color red and abundance, prosperity and sharing. Helps to emphasize a feeling of self-love and acceptance. Used with symptoms involving Cardio-vascular and poor circulation.
Add to Cart Immune Support Essential Oil Blend
$27.98 (5 mL)  –  A blend of essential oils that help to regulate the immune system; balancing inflammatory responses, enhancing killer cell activity and eliminating metabolic waste. Helps alleviate fear and relates to kidneys and bladder, and symptoms of cystitis, immune disorders, chronic stress and fatigue, energy and mood swings, toxic and infectious conditions. It softens feelings of rejection and victimization, jealousy and mistrust.
Add to Cart Lymphatic Support/Detox Essential Oil Blend
$32.76 (5 mL)  –  An essential oil blend with restorative and regulating properties. It promotes digestion, enzyme secretion and liver function for treatment of cellulite, headache, edema, bloating and swelling. It can relieve depression, indecision and lack of motivation or focus.
Add to Cart Calm & Easy Essential Oil Blend
$30.68 (5 mL)  –  This essential oil blend relieves negative emotions and anxiety while promoting positive emotions, a sense of ease and completeness. It reinforces the positive relationships and mental attitudes that balance the stomach meridian and the digestive functions in general.
Add to Cart Invigorate Essential Oil Blend
$32.10 (5 mL)  –  A restorative and energizing essential oil blend that also benefits the lungs and respiratory issues. Can be used for anger (grief turned inward), lack of forgiveness, stubbornness, refusal to change and lack of acceptance.
Add to Cart Thai Therapy Essential Oil Blend
$39.60 (5mL)  –  An analgesic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant blend of essential oils with relation to the main ingredients used in the herbal Thai Massage compress.
Add to Cart Digest Aid Essential Oil Blend
$34.90 (5mL)  –  Primarily formulated to assist and balance digestion or ease digestive disorders. This essential oil blend directly influences the autonomic nervous system, moderating the “fight or flight” response, while supporting parasympathetic activity and protecting from nervous stomach disorders and other stress related digestive imbalances.
Add to Cart Anti-Inflammation Essential Oil Blend
$44.48 (5mL)  –  This essential oil blend is a soothing and releasing formula to relieve inflammation, irritation and sensitivity.
Add to Cart Exquisite Relaxation Essential Oil Blend
$43.98 (5mL)  –  This is a euphoric, feel-good and uplifting blend that relaxes mind, body and soul. Exquisitely enhanced with Australian sandalwood and Provence Lavender.
Add to Cart Pain Away Essential Oil Blend
Please go to Treatments & Massage Oils for Pain Away Treatment Serum . Essential Oil blend is no longer available. A synergistic blend of analgesic, anti-inflammatory essential oils with effective pain relieving properties. Helps to ease arthritic pain, back ache, muscle injury and strains. Relieves the tension and stress often associated with inflammatory conditions.