Put On A Happy Face

Here’s a different research topic for skin care; “happy skin.” That seems to be the pursuit of some new scientific research discussed in a recent article, Research aims to unravel the secret to happy skin. How quaint. Really though, this is some serious science going on here. After all, they  “will be using atomic force microscopy, computer simulation and theoretical physics to determine the answer” to what makes skin feel good. Somebody has a lot of money to spend. And it looks like it’s Unilever, who is collaborating on the project so they can “understand in scientific terms what ‘feeling good’ means,” and to redesign skin care for more consumer appeal. Great, here comes another $170 per ounce jar of useless promises backed up by expensive studies and marketing.

I’ll take a guess at the result. Skin that is healthy is happy and healthy skin feels good. So, again another guess, feed the body the proper diet and nutrients and put pretty much the same nutrients on the skin. The result – happy healthy skin that feels good. Read my post from September 18 if you want some examples.

Also, being happy makes the skin feel good. Can’t package that. Just BE HAPPY. It’s really good for the skin.

The researchers are focused on the skin’s outer membrane where the fats (lipids) provide a barrier protection. Makes sense. When the skin’s lipid barrier is healthy, the skin feels good. That’s a happy face. One method of protecting the skins protective lipid barrier is to reduce stress, because stress causes the breakdown of the protective barrier. So, be happy.

Berries are happy. And berry seed oils also help to protect the lipid barrier of the skin. Cranberry seed oil and raspberry seed oil are great in topical skin care and also are good supplements. Both provide Omega-3 fatty acids. These oils have high amounts of antioxidants. That’s happy. And how about olive oil, the Mediterranean beauty secret. Well, not such a secret, but very healthy for the skin – inside and out. Essential fatty acids, like berry, olive and fish oils, keep the skin supple and feeling good.

Think of all the vitamins – like C, E and A – that help keep the skin happy and healthy, by providing antioxidant protection, protecting the skin’s lipid barrier and, for vitamin C, helping to build healthy collagen and elastin. No sags and wrinkles. Happy?

So it’s interesting that researchers are  taking this new look at skin care. What makes the skin happy? What makes the skin feel good? It’s not good science that does this, it’s good nutrition and a healthy Rainbow Diet – beauty inside and out.

Be happy and let your skin smile.