Random Thoughts of a Rock & Roll Mystic

I have an alter ego – or whatever you want to call it. The Rock & Roll Mystic. Created him years ago as an excuse to speak and write my random and/or disjointed thoughts. I’ve decided to periodically drop a few of the short writings I’ve jotted down over the past years here in my blog. So, here’s the first:

Connected + United + One = Nothing

Connected.  United.  One.  Unity.  How much sense does that make?  How much sense does anything make?  We are connected.  It seems to be written that way.  Buddhist. Jungian.  Quantum.  But . . . is it connected or one?  Or both? Connected could be like a puzzle where there is still some disconnection between the parts and the whole.  Boundaries are less definable when visualizing the connection involved in the wiring that connects an entire city to an electric source.  Those boundaries are apparent at the place of connection. Though the electricity seems to flow without boundaries.  A good example of holistic – the many make the one.  One bad connection makes lights out for the whole. The One is more fluid.  Add  some tea to water, strain and you have the One.  The parts have no boundaries to make the whole.  Well, actually they do.  The molecules are singular, independent.  Still the whole is dependent on the singular.  But the parts are independent.  Not really.  The particles that make up the singular molecules dance without the limits of boundaries.  Still they are singular particles.  Go deeper.  The wave of energy that is the particle.  Sure, these waves of energy that are the particles can be identified as separate.  But.  Are interlinked, connected, interdependent.  It, they, are one particle.  Go deeper.  The source of the particle, the source of the wave, is Nothing.  The vacuum.  The void.  So, the one, the whole, the interconnected, us, we, they, everyone – consciousness? – is . . . Nothing.  How much sense does that make?  A Whole lot.  I guess. And it seems to be working.

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