Shout Out to Dr Pugliese

Yeah, OK, so I’m not really hip-hop and shouting out just isn’t my style, but I’m doing it anyway – just because. So why Dr. Pugliese? Mostly because I think this guy really rocks (rock is more my style) and just delivers such nutritionally relevant and  valuable information for therapeutic skin care. Dr Pugliese is old-school cosmetic chemist (a compliment) with a good basis in botanicals and nutrients. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with him twice, briefly, and have read some of  his books and many of the articles he’s been writing for Skin Inc magazine over the years.

If you are interested in well documented scientifically based nutritional skin care, he’s a champion resource. Check out his articles on glycation, vitamin A, vitamin D and well, just go to and keyword his name.  Pugliese is a great resource for anyone that loves to get clear info on scientifically based skin care (not that I think scientifically based is the only source of accurate information). The guy rocks! Oh, and so does the entire remastered Beatles catelogue – amazing sound! (Was that off topic?)