Smell, Essential Oils & Emotional Aromatherapy

There’s a scent. A moment in time. A memory. Feeling. Unconscious response. Immediate.

The olfactory system – sense of smell. Is a complex and powerful sensory faculty connecting us to an array of environmental stimuli. Food. Danger. Sex.
Sense of Smell
That’s the simple message.

Communication. Via the olfactory system is much more comprehensive. We are in constant manipulation by our sense of smell. It guides us. It protects us. It makes us anxious. Uneasy. Comforted. Curious. Satisfied. Triggers desire. Calls to us to react. Responsive to the message contained within the scent.

The message is learned. Through a process of fragrant experience. Every memory – and the emotion of the moment – is attached to a smell. The memory, message, is brought to video life when the smell is recaptured.

The purpose is evolutionary. It begins in the one-celled living organisms. Chemotaxis: moving toward or away from a One-Celled Chemotaxischemical stimuli. Danger. Move away from. Aversion. The chemical stimuli offers. Benefit. Move toward. Attraction.

From the one-celled organism to the human. Aversion. Attraction. Survival. The message is in the chemical compound. The scent molecule. Aversion. A safety mechanism. Attraction. Reproduction and food. Survival.

We. Have evolved to respond. Feel. The beauty. Of scent. Lucky us. And. Respond with the not so pleasant aromas. Yuk!

We feel. Emotions. Without recognition. The scent makes us uncomfortable. Ever felt nervous, for an unknown reason, when entering a room? Or when meeting someone? Fragrance. Scent. Triggering a feeling. Unconscious. Unaware.

Lust. Attraction. Love at first sight – is – love at first smell.

Couple Love at First Smell

Create a communicative environment. With essential oils. Your choice. Your control. Your memory. Your emotions. Feeling. Scent. Manipulate your environment. Manipulate your emotions.

Start. By creating an environment – memory, feeling – you want to duplicate. A warm relaxing environment. Comforting and stress free. Possibly when having a massage. Formulate with essential oils. Or use one oil. Any blend of essential oils. Any oil.

Yun Diffuser PuzhenSmell your blend or essential oil ONLY when in the created environment. Do this at least on ten consecutive occasions. After this. Smell the blend/oil when you want to repeat. Recreate. The memory, feeling – the relaxation. Mood.

Stimulate your memory. Use an essential oil to help you remember. By smelling when reading. Studying. Recall by smelling the same oil.

Create an attitude. In your environment. Diffuse a fragrant blend that captures a mood. Manipulates the emotions. Uplifting and happy. A sensory experience. Sultry and romantic. Odorous passion.

The world of scent. Emotion. Memory. Is limitless.

Essential oils used in. Aromatherapy for emotions. Balance. Fragrant attitude adjustment. For you. Silently. At the level of detection. For them. Your scent. Affects their mood. Essential oil perfumes are designed to create a response – about you – from. Him. Her. Them.

The beauty of scent. The power of smell. Use essential oils to manipulate your mood. Adjust the environment. Change your attitude.

Smelling a Rose




The olfactory system is an amazing sense organ.



  1. AHHHH how sweet it is! I am amazed at how smell plays such a big part in my life! Great post!