What’s A Paraben To Do?

Here’s a new worry for parabens – You know parabens right? The cosmetic preservative that got the bad press resulting from a weak study suggesting it was a cause of breast cancer. Then, everybody in natural went “paraben free” and the cosmetic industry put their best out there to defend the paraben and, well, I’ve written about this before, most recently on Dec 9.

This recent worry is directly related to the “free” claim. Many in the mainstream personal care department – meaning not in the more isolated and not so mainstream natural products markets – are going “paraben free.” So what’s the worry? It’s an interesting dilemma and has more to do with a marketing backfire than a paraben. In the bigger picture –  again to clarify, with the bigger companies – going paraben free with one line of their products, this could put the belief in the buyer that parabens are not a good thing to have in any product. This “paraben free” idea would be, and is,  being supported by the media. So, the backfire. All those other lines and thousands of products already containing parabens put out by a company who introduces a paraben free product may suffer because now parabens, in the eyes of the consumer, are bad.

Oh the hardships of marketing to stay current with the times.

I discuss parabens in my book Aromatherapy: Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils for Esthetics.

Hmmm, what’s a paraben to do?