What’s New in Natural Skin Care?

I’m off to the Natural Products Expo East in Boston (The Hub of the Universe as those of us who grew up there know it). After following debates regarding organic labeling of cosmetics, “synthetics”being labeled as natural and all the other controversy surrounding the natural products body care category, it will be interesting to actually talk to the manufacturers representatives to see how their marketing is holding up under all this. It will also be good to see what’s new, some of  the new products from the old players, the new guys who are excited to conquer the industry with their ultimately fabulous ideas and, I guess it will be good to see some old friends as well.

Similar to my adventure last week at HBA, I’m hoping to come back with some interesting new things, maybe a few products that will inspire my cynicism, and  maybe some worth being wowed over.

I’m also working on some projects of my own, and maybe there will be some news to report there.

I’ll be posting daily to let you know what’s up and how things are going.

Sorry I wasn’t more interesting today, there was a lot of preparation before taking off.