Wine in Skin Care; More Good News!

Waste not, want not. Not really sure what that means, but here’s a situation that makes it almost relevant. A Spanish cosmetic company has teamed up with German researchers to use the by-product of wine making in make-up. Here’s the waste not – they are using the left over by-product in the wine making process. The want not? Well, the wine itself – still bottled and on its way to your favored wine glass. Which makes another saying relevant – you can have your wine and drink it too!

The wine by-product is said to contain B vitamins, minerals and polyphenols, all the good and nutritious elements you get from the grapes and the wine. The by-product is collected to become a powder using a subtle drying system that retains the active nutrients. It was used in several applications, with topical skin care formulation being the most effective, having, according the the research team, “marked anti-ageing effects thanks to the polyphenols and resulting high anti-oxidant level.”

The powder is derived from red wine, so, you guessed it, it has color. This has posed some problems in consumer acceptance for the products being tested. Yeah, been there before. Its really tricky using extracts high in polyphenols (including carotenoids and flavonoids) in skin care. In therapeutic dosage they add color  to products. The color does disappear into the skin, as the researchers point out. And, from my own product formulas, they may, similar to a make-up base, possibly  cause “ring around the collar” or stain pillow cases. So, get over it consumer, the creams and products may have a pinkish/reddish/brownish/orangey color, but it works!

Wine is great. Drink it for it’s resveratrol (and enjoyment), extract it for use as a supplement and skin care ingredient and purify it to pure alcohol and it’s a full spectrum, natural and organic (if it’s derived from organic) preservative for skin care.

How refreshing!



  1. I think I drank a bottle of wine with you. Yes there can be some staining from these fabulous ingredients but the results are worth it.