Jimm Harrison is a master aromatherapist with a background unlike any other expert in the field. Jimm has 30 years of extensive experience in botanical health and natural beauty, specializing in the therapeutic use of essential oils, and has studied and worked with some of the top essential oil experts in the world, including Kurt Schnaubelt, Pierre Franchomme, and Daniel Penoel.

Jimm's key areas of expertise include product development, formulation, and essential oil project management. He is a renowned skin and beauty therapist, co-founded a successful organic skin care company, and owned a holistic beauty spa in Massachusetts. He is known for resourcing the finest quality and sustainable natural ingredients, and his Signature Blend Essential Oil Treatments set a standard for quality and innovation.

Jimm Harrison is an acclaimed educator, and has presented at the Harvard University School of Medicine and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. He has conceived and developed an Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Certificate Program for Bastyr University School of Natural Medicine. He is a leading expert in natural essential oil skin care, and speaks across the country for ISPA, IECSC, and Premier Beauty Expo.

Jimm is the author of the comprehensive text book, Aromatherapy: Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils for Skin and Health, and Easy Essential Oil Chemistry: Unlock the Healing Potential of Essential Oils. He has written articles for Massage Magazine, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa, Dermascope, and Skin Inc, and presented papers for the leading scientific conferences.

Jimm is a drummer, and was as a touring musician for twelve years. He also worked in radio, and was a host of his own TV show. Jimm is a dynamic speaker and motivator, and constantly inspires his students, readers, and customers with his expertise and vision.  

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