The Pleasurable Intention of Natural Organic Skin Care

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Confidence, self-esteem, and the positive feelings created by engagement with personal care products are all part of the supportive feelings associated with them. Emotion is created by the visual and tactile feel of the product, along with the idea or perception created through the branding and marketing. With this in mind, you can create an intentional emotional outcome with your use of personal care.



The creamy density of a moisturizer, the soft mist of a toning spray, the deep penetrating sensation of a serum, all contribute to the impression and emotion of using it. A rich cream may feel more nurturing or protective, a thinner body lotion may contribute to a sense of ease upon application. When applying skin care, pay attention to the texture and the sensory response it provides, as well as the sometimes elusive emotional connection this has. Definitions of texture also connect emotionally, with descriptions of luxurious, protective or silky.

Fragrance connects to emotions

Nothing competes with the influence scent has over selection and use of skin care and a personal care product. The human sense of smell dictates, drives and manipulates our behavior and emotions every moment. Scent is directly connected to memory and the related emotion of that memory. Even though our scent environment is dictating how we feel about the moment, the biological directive of scent is often dismissed or ignored. Most focused aroma attention is given to foods, household products and, especially, skin care. Scent is the most profound emotional connection to a skin care or personal care product. Manufacturers embrace this by creating fragrance branding. The scent of a product, once recognized, becomes a powerful identifying factor and the emotional attachment, or aversion, to it. 

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Essential oils, skin care and emotions

Essential oils, due to the therapeutic action of their chemical structure, have the benefit of addressing emotions, such as stress, anxiety and fear, as well as creating spectacular aromatics. These features, and other mentally balancing properties of essential oils, can be intentionally used in skin care to offer a mood or an emotional adjustment. This may include feelings like uplifting, joy, calm, or focus. Essential oil fragrance also contributes to the natural biological desire humans have toward nature. The scent of true nature compounds similar to those found in a plant rich environment have been studied to show their positive impact on human health. 

Healthy emotions translate to healthier skin.