The Body is the Soil For Your Skin

Regeneration, reproduction and growth. This is life, this is health. Preparation for planting and cultivation is at the forefront of the spring season, and highlighted by the life-death-rebirth stories of the equinox. Eggs, a symbol of fertility, birth and new life, have a history of inclusion in the spring festivals. Birds, bees, blossoms and the warmth of lengthening light of day, all here reminding us of reproduction, rejuvenation and vibrant health. This is a time to pay attention to the earth, the soil, and the sustenance of healthy vegetation. Your body is the earth, the soil that supports and nurtures, providing the nutrients that bring forth the “flora,” your skin.

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cleanse and nurture

There are many ways to support the body, as the soil of your outer beauty. The spring cleanse is typical in health rejuvenation, with essential oils as a positive contribution. The citrus oils, like lime, grapefruit and lemon, are ideal in supporting lymphatic and liver detoxification. Along with cleansing, there is the cultivation of the body, the tilling of the soil, providing the nutrition necessary for vital growth. An organic whole food diet, the fertilizer, is imperative for a healthy body. Emotions must also be filtered, the inflammation and damage caused through anxiety, fear and other stressors, are disruptive to the foundational body and the sprouting of vibrant skin cells. 

Environmental harmony

Plants require outward environmental support for development. The skin, also, is influenced, regulated and supported through environmental conditions. Concern for the environment becomes a marker for a sustainable earth and a benefit to body health and beauty. Skin, like plants, need protection from harsh conditions. Plants produce the protective compounds to sustain through their terroir, with topical skin care utilizing these same compounds in botanical treatments and creams

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The Body is the earth that encourages and provides nutrients and the foundation for healthy growth of vital, vibrant, blossoming skin. Foster the soil for full-body beauty and vitality.

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