Evolving the Art of Essential Oil Mastery

In my 25 years as an aromatherapist, I have taught and demonstrated that essential oil formulation is art, science, and intuitive practice. Profound healing results come from intelligent communication with the plant extracts, and an awareness that aromatherapy is NATURE TREATING NATURE.
— Jimm Harrison, Master Aromatherapist

Featured Signature Blend Treatments

all signature products are Conceived, Formulated, and Hand-Crafted by Jimm Harrison

An exquisite skin condition-ing serum developed from years of research creating youthful skin free from environmental damage. 

Blissful and euphoric. . . a serenity of mind. Charming, sensual and confident. A warm, luscious most pleasurable fragrance.

Spray on to repel mosquitos, and other insects with a proven blend of repellant essential oils. Safe for children too. 

Regulate the immune system, balance inflammatory responses, enhance killer cell activity, and eliminate metabolic waste. 

Protect from Sun Damage with Foods, Essential Oils and Extracts

What do frankincense essential oil, astaxanthin extract and tomato paste have in common? They are all documented, along with other essential oils, botanical extracts and foods, in the prevention and reversal of UV induced skin damage, skin cancers and photoaging. This overview of the recent studies regarding plant based extracts with UV protective properties will help guide you to increase your sun protection through foods and topical application of fixed (fruit, seed and nut) oils and essential oils.  Includes an essential oil skin care formulation that you could make using extracts known to prevent and reverse sun damaged skin. 

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Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Certificate Program at Bastyr University CCCE

MODULE 7: Aromatherapy Consultation and Business

july 13-15, 2018 at the bastyr university kenmore campus

Become familiar with a complete method of consultation and profiling to develop more accurate results-driven formulations and treatment and learn how to charge for essential oil products and services.

Eligible for 17 CEUs.


Rock & Roll Aromatherapy Road Kit

$79.99 (a $105.63 value) plus a free Balance Skin Serum Treatment ($21.00 value)

I was a touring musician for 12 years. Soon after leaving the road I discovered essential oils and realized how awesome it would have been to have these when touring. Colds, flu, laryngitis, fatigue, stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, cuts and wounds are just some of the common problems of being on the road and common uses of essential oils. That’s when I started “Rock and Roll Aromatherapy,” a collection of essential oil products focused on assisting the health and well-being of top artists and music industry professionals. Today, I still travel relentlessly, and essential oils have kept me vital and working fluidly during my most strenuous tours.

This kit, originally developed for the touring musician, provides a complete set of essential oil products for your travel needs, whether for business, vacation, on a rock and roll tour bus, or just being out in the world. Whatever your trip, Rock and Roll Aromatherapy Road Kit can help you get there.

Rock on, and stay healthy doing it.


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Learn Essential Oil Chemistry - The Easy Way!

  • Make masterful blends with your favorite oils.
  • Learn the language the experts use.
  • Identify the best oils for every ailment—and understand the chemistry behind the cure.


With a simple, full-color Structure Effect Diagram as your guide, becoming an oil expert is fast and fun!

Essential oils are a rich composition of nature’s intelligence. To get the truest vitality from essential oils we source from producers whose artisan skills retain the complexity and nuances only achieved through the care and attention of craft production. Essential oils are not drugs. Defining them as therapeutic grade diminishes their truest healing potential. They are a dynamic therapy understood through the three Sectors of Holistic Healing with Essential Oils: Olfactory, Pharmacological and Metaphysical.”

—Jimm Harrison, Master Aromatherapist, Educator, and author of “Easy Essential Oil Chemistry: Unlock the Healing Potential of Essential Oils

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3 Sectors of Holistic Healing with Essential Oils: Beyond a Drug-Like Mind Set


Essential oils are a multi-faceted holistic therapy. With their many simultaneous functions they interact with the human body in a complex synergistic fashion. An emphasis on a “this-for-that” medical and drug like activity may lead to poor results and the contradictory and confusing information found about essential oils. Best results, for both therapists and home use, come from understanding the interconnection between the three Sectors of Holistic Healing with Essential Oils: Olfactory, Pharmacological and Metaphysical. In this workshop, Jimm will demonstrate how to create dynamic and powerful healing remedies with essential oils.