Autopilot Fragrance Therapy for Mind, Body and Skin

Autopilot Fragrance Therapy for Mind, Body and Skin


A balancing blend of essential oils known for regulating autonomic nervous function and vagal tone. Heart rate, breathing and digestion are supported and stabilized. An emotionally easing synergy of essential oils to reduce anxiety and fear, and defuse the “fight or flight” response. Good for insomnia, digestive issues and a racing heart.

Skin is protected from the signs of aging, inflammation and irritation resulting from emotional distress.

5 mL bottle

Copaiba, Virginia cedarwood, spikenard, coriander, fennel, anise seed, tarragon, rosemary cineole, bergamot, grapefruit

Inhale or diffuse. Used topically, apply 1.5 - 2% (1 -3 drops per teaspoon) to carrier oil or cream. Add to Organic Body & Face Massage Oil, Shea Plus Body Butter or Natural Scent Face Cream.

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