Everyday Healing 10 Essential Oil Set

Everyday Healing 10 Essential Oil Set

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Calming and emotionally balancing with an uplifting citrus scent. Digestive aid and antiviral

Virginia Cedarwood 

Pleasingly woody fragrance with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and skin soothing properties. Calms fear and anxiety and is energetically stabilizing.

Cinnamon Bark 

Powerful antibacterial and antiviral essential oil. Warm spicy and uplifting aroma. Relives pain and provides digestive.


Regulates nervous system tension, blood pressure and digestion. Tasty fennel aroma lifts the mood and releases anxiety and fear.

Frankincense CO2

The supercritical extract has a deeper frankincense resin aroma, with all the anti-inflammatory, skin conditioning and meditative action.

Lavender Maillette

This beautiful lavender from Provence offers all the therapeutic intensity expected from a quality organic lavender. Antiseptic, wound healing, stress relief and so much more.


A cheerfully citrus scent to relieve depression, stress and provide an energetic boost when fatigued. Great support for the liver. 

Peppermint Mitcham

Mental clarity and focus come with the rich mint fragrance and energizing essential oil. The Mitcham variety is more complex for therapy of the digestive system, lungs and pain management.

Tea Tree

A distinct quality difference is apparent with this organic family farm grown and distilled tea tree. The potency and versatility for aromatherapy use makes this a must-have for any natural medicine cabinet.

Ylang Ylang

The exotic and lavish floral essence is a staple of natural perfumery. Euphoric, stress-relief, anti-anxiety, antidepressant and emotionally soothing. Topically used for pain management, inflammation and headache.

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