No Bugs Solution

No Bugs Solution


Spray on to repel mosquitos, and other insects with a proven blend of repellent essential oils. Outdoor activities will be more fun, less annoying, with the No Bugs Solution. Safe for children too. Spray directly onto skin. Mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, and other annoying biting and stinging insects won’t like it, but you and others around you will, with it’s pleasant and fresh woody citrus fragrance. Now includes Nootka (Alaska Yellow Cypress) and Grapefruit oils. These two oils contain nootkatone, a compound researched for its ability to repel and kill dsease carrying mosquitoes and ticks. Originally formulated, and proven effective, for the tick, mosquito and chigger infested coast of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Use on dogs or other pets cautiously.

Atlas cedarwood, nootka (Alaskan yellow cypress) , grapefruit, eucalyptus citriodora, lemon myrtle, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus smithii, tea tree, MQV, juniper, geranium, in a base of distilled water, organic grape ethanol and vegetable glycerin.

Spray on exposed skin for protection from insects. Apply as often as needed.

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