Simply Love

Simply Love


Find love. Shared love. Self love. It’s Simply Love. A special essential oil creation for love, compassion and friendship. Simply Love is: Rose, offering the heart of the heart. Expansive love. Frankincense supercritical extract and essential oil to fully bring forth a spiritual and conscious love of another and of the self. Organic Citrus oils to uplift the psyche, relieve the soul of past disappointments and open to your sense of fulfillment. Vetiver and Cedarwood to root, ground and provide stability to your found love, reclaimed love and constant love. 20% in jojoba oil, 15 mL treatment bottle.

Atlas cedarwood, vetiver, black pepper, nutmeg, frankincense, ylang ylang, palmarosa, rose, bergamot, lime, sweet orange in jojoba oil

Set the mood with Simply Love by using as a fragrance. Use as an aromatic conditioning treatment for skin. Rub a very small amount through the hair for an attractive essence. Use with your imagination…

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