Aroma Social - Seattle: Holiday Mingle - Festive and Spice Trade Essential Oils (11/8/18)

Aroma Social - Seattle: Holiday Mingle - Festive and Spice Trade Essential Oils (11/8/18)


Holiday Mingle (Seattle) - Festive and Spice Trade Essential Oils

DATE: Thursday, November 8, 2018
TIME: 7:00PM - 9:00PM PST
EVENT ADDRESS: 3414 1/2 Fremont Ave N Suite D, Seattle, WA 98107
COST: $39.95 (includes essential oil samples and mixing agents)

Aroma Social is a live social event that gives the casual essential oil aficionado an opportunity to learn and blend essential oils with a master aromatherapist. This unique event combines health, wellness, community, and learning, all in a fun night out with friends. Join us for a glass of wine, and an unforgettable essential oil experience.

Holiday Mingle:
Create your own essential oil holiday magic for the Christmas and Winter Solstice season festivities. Discover how fragrance plays a powerful role in the experience of the December holidays. Uplift emotions, stimulate happy memories, and produce warm homey feelings using the familiar scents of aromatic resins and spices. Learn how to blend essential oil resins, evergreens, spices, sweet florals, and citruses to invoke that holiday atmosphere in your home and office, for parties and gift giving.

You will learn:

• Creative blending to create a festive holiday mood
• The history of spice trade and the celebration surrounding the Winter Solstice
• The health and healing properties of holiday aromatics and essential oils
• Holiday essential oil gifting ideas

A sample pack of essential oils and a mixing agent is included in the price of each Aroma Social event. Participants will formulate several custom blends invoking the spirit of the holiday season. No experience with essential oils is required. All you need to bring is your nose, imagination, and good cheer.

Samples included in Holiday Mingle include:

Frankincense Heart Note
Blood Orange
Ylang Ylang

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