Essential Oil Blended Theme Kits


Kit contains these products in TSA approved carry on sizes.

Pain Away 15 mL $42.00
Travel can lead to muscle tension, back ache or injury. This is a synergistic blend of analgesic and anti-inflammatory essential oils with effective pain relieving properties. Helps to ease arthritic pain, back ache, muscle injury and strains. Relieves the tension and stress often associated with inflammatory conditions. In an organic oil base and ready to apply.

Immune Support 5 mL $25.45
To prevent illness while flying, traveling or from allergies, parasites and other sick causing pathogens. Great to strengthen your immune system when fatigued from relentless travels and time change. Inhale, put a drop on the chest or wrists, or add 3 drops to a teaspoon (5ml) of olive or other organic oil and massage over body after a shower.

Autopilot 5mL $33.53
Stability for heart, breath, digestion and emotions
A unique combination of essential oils known for balancing and creating stability within the autonomic functions promoting healthy heart rate, deep breathing and a well functioning digestive system. Great when used for stressful, anxious situations like traffic, fear of flying or other moments when you need to reverse the “fight or flight” response. Stimulates parasympathetic response - rest and digest mode. Used by breathing it in or putting a drop on the pulse points of the wrist.

Lavender 5 mL $5.75
The do-all essential oil. Antiseptic, wound healing and emotionally calming and balancing. Used for burns, cuts, bug bites, scrapes and assists in quick healing. Lavender will help ease tension, nervousness and anxiety with a little sniff or when used to diffuse the air. Apply directly to injury or use 3 drops to a teaspoon (5ml) of olive or other organic oil.

Balance Facial Treatment Serum 15 mL Included FREE ($21.00 Value)
Everyday conditioning for all skin types. Soothing treatment for irritated or tired skin. Antioxidant formula protects from blue light (smartphones, computers and iPads) and the sun’s UVR free radical damage. Apply as needed to face.


Rock & Roll Aromatherapy Road Kit

$79.99 (a $105.63 value) plus a free Balance Skin Serum Treatment ($21.00 value)

I was a touring musician for 12 years. Soon after leaving the road I discovered essential oils and realized how awesome it would have been to have these when touring. Colds, flu, laryngitis, fatigue, stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, cuts and wounds are just some of the common problems of being on the road and common uses of essential oils. That’s when I started “Rock and Roll Aromatherapy,” a collection of essential oil products focused on assisting the health and well-being of top artists and music industry professionals. Today, I still travel relentlessly, and essential oils have kept me vital and working fluidly during my most strenuous teaching and consulting tours.

This kit, originally developed for the touring musician, provides a complete set of essential oil products for your travel needs, whether for business, vacation, on a rock and roll tour bus, or just being out in the world. Whatever your trip, Rock and Roll Aromatherapy Road Kit can help you get there.

Rock on and stay healthy doing it.